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Mission Statement
Crevolution's mission is to inspire young people to get involved in the world of Science, Technology, and Engineering and to help prepare them to be future leaders in these important fields.

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Subteams: Design

     The Design and Engineering Department is one of the main branches of Crevolution that students can join. This branch's job is to plan and produce our product, the robot. The robotics season starts with the training of new department members. Veteran students teach and refresh newcomers with PTC Creo design software.  After Kickoff, the team as a whole decides on a strategy and what the robot will do. After this session, the Design team begins to work on the “how.” We break up into groups for each major system on the robot including drive train, manipulators, and frame/structure. After prototyping and testing, each system is designed using CAD. When each system's computer model is finished, the systems are put into the main robot assembly and the building begins.  Right before the end of the Build Season, the completely built and programmed robot is tested and put through examinations to ensure that everything is running perfectly.

Subteams: Programming

     The Crevolution programming team uses JAVA, an object oriented programming language, to program the robot. Programming gives commands to the robot to tell it what to do during the two main parts of the match, teleoperation and autonomous. Teleoperation is the operation period where human drivers operate the robot. The programming team programs joystick controls and sensors to work and aid the driver. Autonomous period is a strictly automatic, code-based operation where the robot does a task that it was told to do by the programmers. Autonomous code is much tougher because real-time changes cannot occur as easily as a human operator could give.

Subteams: PR

     The main goal of the public relations and marketing team is to spread the word of FIRST and to get students and adults interested in the FIRST Robotics program. We send out newsletters, utilize the Internet through websites such as Facebook, Twitter and our personal website, march in parades, and organize multiple community events. Although the PR/Marketing group of any robotics team is often overlooked, it is an essential part of the team because it helps to spread the message of FIRST.

Subteams: Business and Finance

     The Crevolution Business and Finance team works to maintain the Creolution treasury and yearly budget. All materials purchased for the team go through the Business and Finance team. We also work in conjunction with the PR team to plan and schedule fundraisers.

Subteams: Documents and Submission

     The Crevolution Documents and Submission team is in charge of maintain the record of tasks and keeping things up to date such as the website and responding to the crevolution email. We also do lots of behind the scenes work like organizing meetigngs and making sure other platforms are up to date. Finally we our in charge of sumbitting the final draft of awards to STIMS for the FIRST compeition season.

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