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Crevolution's mission is to inspire young people to get involved in the world of Science, Technology, and Engineering and to help prepare them to be future leaders in these important fields.

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History: 2015

      The 2015 game Recycle Rush presented Crevolution with a challenge we had never taken on before. Instead of competing against another team of three head on Recylce Rush was all about indivual alliances gaining the most points possible. This means that instead of a usual win loss streaks the scores of matches are just averaged. .The first district competition we participated in was at Waterford Mott we had an average score of 60.25 with a record high of 131. Our second district competition was at Center Line high school where we ranked 14th with an average score of 47.53 and a high of 110. Unfortunately, we were unable to qualify for the Michigan state competition in Grand Rapids.

History: 2014

      As always, the challenge F.I.R.S.T. presents every year was faced with vigor and enthusiasm from the Crevolution team. Our first competition was at Centerline Highschol where we finished in 7th place with final score of 10-6-0. After Centerline we traveled all the way to the Upper Pennisula to particapate in the Escanaba district competition and had a wonderful time with all the other teams there. We ended the Escanaba distrtict competing with the second alliance in the finals and ranked 5th overall while also obtaining an award for our unique drive train. Next with enough points to attend the Michigan state competition we competed to be among the highest ranked team in a state of over 280 FRC teams. After having multiple difficulties with our robot we finished in 51 place with enough points to make it to the world championship but were sadly not in a high enough postion to advanced to the world championship in St. Louis. Finally keeping with our tradition of naming our robot after a greek god or goddess we named the robot Anthena after the goddess wisdom and victory.

History: 2013

      In the exciting 2013 season, Crevolution competed in three regional districts, Waterford, Troy, and Detroit. At Waterford we achieved a 13-5-0 as the second alliance captain. We then particapted in the Deroit ditrict where we revieced a total score of 15-4-0 and won first place along with alliance partners 469 Las Guerillas and 2676 Ecorse Robo Raiders. In the Troy district we had a record of 6-7-1. Once we had enough points we went to the Michigan State Robotics Competition where we competed and finished with a record of 8-4-0 in 11th place. Next we traveled all the way to St. Louis for the FRC World Competition and finished our 2013 season with a 3-5-0 record in the Newton division due to some unresolved mechanic wear and tear. This year we named our robot the a-MAYS-ing Discuboluos after our loved mentor Mays T. Overton who passed away shortly after our waterford competition and as well as after Discuboluos because of the game dics that we a-MAYS-ingly shot into the goals.

History: 2012

     In the exciting 2012 season, Crevolution attended the Waterford and Troy district competitions. We won the Waterford district as the along with teams 67 Hot and 469 Las Guerillas on our alliance with a 12-6-0 and were given the team spirt award. In the Troy distict we ranked fifth with a record of 9-6-0. We then moved on to the Michigan State Competition where for the first time we paired up with our sister team 217 the Tunderchickens and had a record of 6-9-0. Next Crevolution drove down to the FRC world competition in St. Louis and particapated in the Archimedes division where we finished with a record of 5-8-1. To continue our tradition of naming our robot after a greek god or goddess we name it Iris after the goddes of balance and rainbows due to the game elemen of balancing your robot with others on a bridge as well as shooting basketballs in a rainbow like arc.

History: 2011

     During the 2011 season, Crevolution attended two district competitions, Waterford and Troy. We finished with a 7-6-1 record at Waterford and 6-8-0 record at Troy. In both competitions, we were selected for the elimination round, but lost in the Quarterfinals. At the Troy District competition, we also won the judges award. In the offseason of 2011, we also competed in the MARC and WMRI competitions, which were mainly to help give our new members experience in the world of FIRST. Our 2011 robot was named Hermes (the Greek messenger god) because of its 24 meter/second blazing speed.

History: 2010

     In 2010, Crevolution attended two regionals, one at Cass Tech High School, and the other at Wayne State University. At Cass Tech, our robot finished 8-4-4 and made it to the semi-finals. The team also won the Team Spirit Award. At Wayne State, the robot made it to the quarter-finals and had a final record of 6-6-2. Crevolution's performance earned a trip to the state competition at Eastern Michigan University, where our robot had a record of 4-7-1. Throughout the season, we also got a lot of attention for our dog-themed robot Cerberus, which could redirect balls with its "mouth" and had a petable surface.

History: 2009

     Crevolution started as a FRC team, created by The Thunderchickens, consisting of high school students from the Utica Community School district in 2008 to compete in the 2009 season. At the Cass Tech regional, our alliance rose all the way to the semi-finals, finished with a record of 8-9-0, and recieved the Rookie All-Star award. Our second regional, Troy Athens, was also a success. We finished 5-5-2, and won a second Rookie All-Star and a Best Website award. Winning the Rookie All-Star award qualified us for states at Eastern Michigan University, but we didn't end up qualifying for nationals from there. After the regular season, we competed in three off-season events: MARC, Kettering, and WMRI. In MARC, we qualified for semi-finals and won the Rising Rookie award. At Kettering, we allowed new drivers to try out the controls so everyone could experience the excitement from the field. Crevolution's 2009 robot was named Ganymede, the cup bearer, which is one of the moons of Jupiter.

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