Crevolution's mission is to inspire young people to get involved in the world of Science, Technology, and Engineering and to help prepare them to be future leaders in these important fields.

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Major Sponsors

  • Crevolution is a robotics team from Sterling Heights, Michigan
  • We are a part of the FIRST organization
  • Our team consists of students from Utica Community Schools
  • We were founded in 2009 by Team 217 the Thunderchickens
  • Our team focuses on being student-run and getting students heavily involved in every aspect of the team
  • Crevolution recieves a great deal of generous support from our local business sponsors
  • Our name means "A Creative Revolution" and we try to live this revolutionary spirit by changing the world into one that respects science and technology

Feel free to explore our site or Contact Us with any questions about our team or the FIRST organization.

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